About Librick

Launched in 2013, we aim to create a language integrated Lego database to help LEGO lovers across the globe find information they need more easily. We hope to provide a more user friendly platform which encourage LEGO fans from different countries to engage with the global LEGO community! At the moment this site supports English and Chinese, but please expect more to come!

You can support us!

You can help us by providing us with more up to date information, including images, translations and item details.
To show our gratitude, we offer different rewards for any contribution you made to this site! Please see HERE for more information.
Also, your opinion is vital to us. Please feel free to let us know what you think about this site and what improvements we can make.
You can do this by contacting us or discuss with us in our forum!
Your suggestion is much appreciated!


We thank everyone who helps us build this site, it wouldn't be possible without you.